Sotar side feed

Oooh interesting. I have the small cup ones. Side may suit me better... Thanks for the info.

I have tried to contact him via his web page but for some strange reason the email does not work. As I had a few questions regarding the modifications to the brush and warranty . I also emailed badger but as yet I have had no reply from them either .
Thanx fella ,yes I sent a message to him via FB now ,also you have to get it via him according to badger . They are telling me it's the mutts nuts of a brush ,I am seriously considering one .
Thanks Andre!:)
It's has the shortest body I've ever seen! I wonder how it feels and performs. I think it feels like pen in hand.
Who can tell how long do Sotars nozzles work if proffesionally used? And it would be better to know if compared with Iwata's.
The price is sweet and it's shipped price.
Well ,I have tried to contact him and yet no replies ,had to do it via fb because his site still comes up with errors when trying to email . I have contacted badger customer services who claim his site is all ok ,but it's not ,so I have asked badger again the questions I needed answering ,so just waiting for a reply . I thought the use of the net was to speed up service lol . I will keep you informed .
I just got off the phone with Badger. They said that it is manufactured by Badger under an exclusive vendor/distribution deal with CLS, and is fully covered under their regular service warranty. I asked them if it was going to be a limited run or anything like that, and they said they didn't know yet.

It does look like a 100 body that's been given the SOTAR coating and logo, but it also has ambidextrous cup mounting holes, which the regular 100 does not. I'd been planning to do a 100 side feed conversion for my SOTAR for a while, and I have to say this is pretty tempting. It's a lot more spendy than just buying a 100 would be, but I'd be getting the ambidextrous cup and basically a full set of spare parts and tips/needles since I own a regular SOTAR already.
Well I have been trying for 3 weeks to get contact with CL. And yet to have a reply ,badger have replied but have yet to answer my questions ,so waiting on there next reply from customer services .
That's why I generally prefer calling instead of email if at all possible. Email always takes days (or weeks) of back and forth faffing to do what a call does easily in 30 seconds.

Though I will say that if it really is that hard to get a response out of Casey Love, it wouldn't inspire confidence in regards to ordering.
Well believe it or not there's no phone numbers on his site to call ,only a link to his email which is hidden ,yes. I am starting to loose faith . It's a similar scenario to when I tried contacting Mike learn about the mojo no reply
Cool. I hope he does.

He's a well known name in creature/figure modeling & painting, and you don't get to work on movie projects like what's in his portfolio without being reliable. But at the same time, something I've seen many times in the small hobby biz is folks who are otherwise perfectly stand-up individuals starting a sideline shop in their spare time, then ruining it by mentally miscategorizing transactions and CS in the "favors" bin instead of the "professional obligations" bin.

Not saying I'm already assuming that, but the business about going through FB is a wee red flag, TBH. It's fine if FB is the best way to contact him, but if that's actually the case, there should be a link to that on the "contact us" page instead of a form to an email he doesn't or can't check regularly. I now kinda want to know more about things like shipping time frames, shipping notifications, order confirmation, and probability of response to status inquiries in the event of prolonged absence of any of those before I commit money to an order.
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Yes that's good to hear ,I will try his site again soon . Thanx for your info.
Well tried to message cl again via his website ,it's still not working .