South africa paints help



Hi every one

i am new to airbrushing, and was wondering if anyone could give me some advice?

i am using dala drawing ink, it is what i can afford! now what i was wondering, is that what i can use to thin
the white paint, keeps on blocking after !min of painting
Hi Zeka, only South Africans will be able to answer you're question and I'm one of them. Dala inks can be thinned with water. The inks are not bad and I had quite a big selection of colours. The white is really useless as it can not cover anything. I used another brand's white like Daler Rowney FW or Com-art.
Thank you for the reply Andre, do you know of any online shops where i can order those products? for i am a while away from any kind of art shop!
thanks again!
The Daler Rowney you can get from most art shops. Herbert Evans's sale start the end of the month and it should be less 40%. The Com-art you can get from me. Unfortunately it is all on order only and takes between 2-3 weeks to arrive. Send me your email address and I can send you more info.
thank you very much for the info, here is my email. fritzstoop at gmail dot com
That's what I love about this forum, there is always someone there to help no matter where we are, big thumbs up Andre and welcome Zeka.
please tell me what molotow ink can i use that is ready for spray? the all 4 one?
Thanks Madbrush! and is hard to get decent help in south africa,
please tell me what molotow ink can i use that is ready for spray? the all 4 one?

Zeka, the All 4 One is ready to spray with a big nozzle and high pressure. It is very concentrated. You can thin it with water or acetone. I use water. I only have their white though. You know where to get it right? Shop

I'll mail you with detail about Com-art.