South Africa tooo!!!!


Double Actioner
Hi there, My dayjob is software development and at night an AB learner from scratch. I never did any drawing or painting other than technical drawings and spraying a motorcycle or two. I got really interested in airbrushing when I read up on it, I wanted to paint my radio controlled boat. But in my research, I found all these amazing pictures and stencils available on the net. I was quite excited because I found a stencil that I wanted to use on the boat but it was quite expensive. I started to get the idea I wanted to try my hand at free-hand airbrushing, just the thought of it scared the @#$@#$@#$ out of me because I never tried or could do sketches or any painting. This led me to get myself a cheap Iwata micron copy from China and a compressor, found the airbrushtutor site and started practicing. I started out with some cheap acrylics but had endless problems as you would suspect. I then enrolled with a beginners course with TankGirl and went over to urethanes and thinners. Almost no tip drying and the AB is easily cleaned. At the stage when I started out, the girlfriend also got interested and took the course with me. I tell you , it is much easier spending money on your hobby if the girlfriend is doing it with you!!! So in the mean time, I have ordered an infinity 2 in 1 for myself and an Evolution CR plus for the missus. In the mean time I found out that the Veda spares fits onto the cheap chinese copy, so I now know where to get spares for the cheapies. It took me a month to do my first portrait, actually it is not finished, cause I botched it up by trying to do the eye lashes. I have to repair quite a bit now but at least with every repair I do, I get more confidence.
Awe Dude! Welcome from CT! Awesome to have you part of this family, everyone is really helpful, enjoy the stay. Pretty excited to check out your work! :)
Yo Scratch. Welcome here and glad you discovered this art form. Join the SA Airbrush group on FB. Link in my signature.
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:triumphant:
Welcome aboard mate, this is defo the right place to be:). Join in, have a laugh and get showing us ya stuff...oh..and spread that damn love my friend:)