sparmax 610H vs 620X?


Gravity Guru
hello every1, i am begginer newbie in airbrushing, looking to buy a good compressor for home use that will allow me to learn without headache=) i found these 2 Sparmax 610H and 620X and id like u guys to help me out here which one would be better? is only difference that 620X has 2 air outlets? or is there something else i should watch out for?
tbh mate i would if funds allow stay away from these and instead go for a bambi bd24 absolutely perfect for what we want to use it for
hi m8, i just had a look and bambi looks good but also big as well, dunno what my wife goin to say =) i need something small and reliable, i was looking at sparmax because they have 2,5 litre tanks
bambi do an 8 litre and also a 12 litre , the smaller ones are obviously cheaper than the bigger ones which is also a plus...... i would be tempted to have a look at the bd12.
With that size tank you are going to be refilling a lot, so the motor will be running a fair amount of the time. Being oiless it may get pretty hot, then will have a safety cut out until it cools down. So if you think this is what is going to suit you best for your space, budget or what ever, then you will need to consider setting up some sort of fan for cooling, or maybe getting a larger storage tank to plumb in.
what it is i dont know much about compressors, there is something about oil? servicing? i only paint on A4 or A3 sizes for now and usually about an hour sessions,of course id rather buy something decent that will last for long time... thanks for your help guys