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Hey guys just after a new compressor that i can use in my room, just after something durable, easy to use/maintain...something i can use all day without any issues.

anyone tried the SPARMAX AF500? or for that matter can anyone reccommend a good compressor?

this is the one i was thinking of getting

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A 1/6hp motor is not much at all. And for that price you can get better. Look at the California air or GMC for about $250.
I've been told on good authority that the Sparmax AF500 is a very good setup, it's on my shopping list for when I have the funds! ;)
yeah ive been looking at the iwata powerjet lite and powerjet plus.....the plus is more powerful then the sparmax and almost half the price.

might get the lite tho because the plus seems a bit noisy.

For price, high CFM and high operating PSI the California Airtools are are working out great!
the power jet lite is one of our best sellers being that it has an inline moisture trap regulator .
The 10 foot hose between the motor and the moisture trap make it work great without moisture issues .
The twin piston provides high PSI for heavier paints and will work with some small touch up guns .
It is small ,oilless and quite .
Here are a couple links ...... You can watch a video below the units on our page that shows the noise level of the very powerful cal Airtools . I also have a free video on on compressors if you want to see so e features .

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Good tip bro, thanks.hey just another question. Is there any issue with buying say for eg the iawata studio lite compressor and putting I tank on it? Was thinking bout maybe 24 liters.

Apparently it voids the warranty? What would be the pro's and cons of doing this?
I'm a complete newb and I'm still looking for a decent compressor for around $100 (seems like they don't exist). I'm not sure why you'd get that Iwata, which doesn't have a tank, when you can get a compressor with a tank for less.

I also don't understand why putting a tank on the compressor would void the warranty. You'd think the tank would create a buffer and prevent the motor from running as much or as hard.
They are from what I understand and am considering eventually replacing my Iwata with one. The only real advantage the Iwata has is noise. It is super quiet being a lot lower HP.