Ok I am going to the art supply store saturday looking at airbrushes .
They sell a line of brushes by sparmax $80-$100 price range along with Iwata ,Paasche.
Anyone used this brand whats the verdict or just bite the bullet and spend the extra money for a Badger ,Grex or another name brand.I know they are known for compressors and are based in Taiwan but can't find much else.
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Staying with Iwata, Badger, Pasche would be wise choices they are some of the top and well known brands along with Harder & Steenbeck which also makes superb airbrushes. Cost wise H&S and Iwata are the higher priced while the Badger and Pasche are more affordable. Sparmax and Grex while they both do have airbrushes they are better known for their larger volume spray guns. Again it boils down to what you like and can afford, the best thing to do is write down what you want to paint now and future, also what material you will be painting on...these two things will determin what brush and paints you will need then look at paints that will work well for all your needs and buy accordingly.
ok thank Im kinda leaning towards a Badger mainly because of price and they seem like the a good reputable company if not badger then Iwata there are alot of Iwata dealers near me . I will be spraying on mainly wood and paper .