Spatter on Purpose


Gravity Guru
Here is trick I picked up. Wrap a piece of tape around the end of your airbrush making a tube. This will catch the paint and cause it splatter off the end of the tape. You can also use a piece of plastic or rubber hose to achieve the effect. Of coarse air pressure and tube length/diameter will all have an affect. It seems way easier to control the placement of the spatter this way. Experiment and see what works for you.


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Haven't tried this way before, I usuall just kink my airline and flick my trigger a bit, but will give this a try, thanks J.
Great idea. If this keeps up I'll soon be a sand Ninja..:triumphant:
Hmmm, I seen on a website today a "stencil" for drips and spatters....I thought to myself, heck I don't need a stencil for that, I do that without one lol
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