Spattering Spray Issue.



Hello everyone. I decided to start practicing today with my badger 105 and I've already run into issues. It seem the lines are really large that it sprays (not sure if this can be adjusted). And there was a lot of "spattering" type spray on the tops and bottoms of the lines. Perhaps the needle tip needs to be moved? I dunno. Need help before I mess something up.
I think I figured out my issue...I partially took the gun apart to look at the paint tip and needle. Since the gun came with a small booklet showing a blueprint of all the gun parts and I figured it would be easy to put back together. Well somehow I left the pain tip off or it fell off. I feel so dumb.
No worries such things can happen, glad to hear you figured out what the issue was.
thats beter thain what i did the other day when i left the regulator off and the needle in and went to flush the gun oot with water stil cant find that nozzle things hapen