Special type of hex nuts needed


Stephen Ryan

Hi there,
I have an airbrush compressor with strange nuts that i have never seen before and i cant find them anywhere online. The reason i need them is because my compressor doesnt fill the tank as fast as id like so i punctured two of these special nuts (used as air intake filter) as they are pretty restrictive to air passing through. While this worked and it fills really fast, it makes a horrible loud sound (probably pistons working overdrive since they can now pull as much air as they want without being restricted). The nuts look like a normal hex nut except with a male thread and tiny metal balls on the face of the nut. Id like to find out where i can purchase these nuts or even the name of them so i can search around online.
Thanks in advance IMAG0016[1].jpg IMAG0017[1].jpg IMAG0018[1].jpg
Would be nice to know where you're based as it helps to locate things local to you.
Pop along to the introduction section and let us know a bit more about yourself, what you use, paint etc, what you like to paint and what you're looking to achieve.

Welcome to the forum
I am from Ireland and we never have these types of things local to us.
You guys are awesome, thank you so much!