Spectra tex



ok spectra tex black anyone have advice on diluting this paint , it says ready to spray so do I dilute it , I was thinking 5 paint to 1 reducer and shoot around 30psi does that sound right. Any advice is welcome.I am a sponge let me soak up the knowledge ...lol
Is it opaque black? If so try 4 water 1 paint just to get it to spray. It will have tip dry something fierce if it's opaque. I started with spectra tex opaque black, it was not a good decision, and fast learned about reduction and transparent paints.

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If it came in the primary set it will be opaque jet black. I usually 1-2 water, 1 paint for 3.8 needle. It starts loosing its blackness real easy. Tip dry is bad.
What Wayne said is right on, keep in mind that paints like SpectraTex that are designed for T-Shirt painting are ready to spray out of the bottle at a higher PSI and no reduction. If you want to use it for other things you can do so, but as far as any paint the more detail you want the lower the PSI you should go, and the more reduction you will need to make it flow. Also generally speaking with Opaque white and Black there is always tip dry issue, it is just the nature of the beast unfortunately.
Depends on the application. For shirts, i spray it right out of the bottle at 45psi. any finer application, it is about 5 to 1 and at 15 to 20psi. .