Fallen Airbrushing

My paint will just not stop spidering i have tried everything different ratios and consistencies but nothing stops it... Is it because i dont have a water trap? Please help
Any water coming through could be part of the issue, but you would probably get a nice line and then a sudden splatter burst as the water came through the gun..Try lowering your pressure a bit as that can also be part of the prob, and ultimately don't stop in the one spot too long, keep moving and you may find this reduces the spidering..Also try not to build up your color to its full strength in one hit, (Ie Don't pull back to far), try building the colors intensity up slowly by going over the line or dot numerous times, this reduces a pool of ink or paint forming and spreading out.Last but not least, some surfaces can tend to do it more than others..When starting out try painting on some paper towell or something absorbant if it continues to be an issue, this may help you gain some confidence and control without letting the paint spider, smooth surfaces you have to have that little more in control and your pressures spot on....GL
Get a water trap!! Usually too high psi, or too close to the surface will cause spidering. Also too thin of paint can cause a spider-like effect. A lot of variables but that is the rule of thumb! Did I mention get a water trap!!
Thanks for the tips ace! And IMcustom your a funny man! Love your comment haha ill def invest in a water trap then. Thanks guys
Thanks guys... Its great to have a forum like this where experience like all you guys is valued. You have given me great insight and i thankyou all :)
No problem lol, did you get a water trap yet?!! I'm going to keep on you about that one.
Lol im on it IM haha parts like that in western australia arent exactly easy to come across lol
Shldn't be too hard to find, just go pinch one from one of the refinerys or mines LOL..Even Bunnings sell em as far as I can remember m8..But any good hardware shld have some available...A good coiled hose which are pretty cheap will assist in controlling the water in your line to some extent to...or at least reduce the amount coming through..GL
Does Bunnings = B&Q in the UK ?
What de[department of Bunnings would I find the water trap in please Ace.
Does Bunnings = B&Q in the UK ? Yes ! :)

ask in the powertool section, it will be where they keep the air tools for the compressors, its usually near the front of the store to entice all you fellas in :)
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Well i bought it and already ive noticed the difference! Ive been able to do morr quality work and in half the time! Thanks guys! Ill try and get some of my work up on here soon :)
I got it from the power tools
Section of my local hardware store.. Just ask them for a water trap for a air compressor they should have it available
I got it from the power tools
Section of my local hardware store.. Just ask them for a water trap for a air compressor they should have it available

They will know what your talking about with the trap, but you need to know what size threaded fittings you have. If you are already painting then just show them the same compressor and tell them it needs to fit that. If not they may give you the wrong size, then thats another trip back to the store:(
It probably won't be an issue but its good to cover you bases!!