I still don't know how to call those tiny unwanted dots

What is this and how it can be avoided or solved?
Different pressure? More reducer?
Those are acrylic paints mixed with an homemade reducer ( water, 95% drinking alcohol and glycerin ).
Almost right. It's splatter and the cause is too low air pressure or too thick paint.
I agree with andreza. I got so frustrated with myself for the longest time until I started listening to all the seniors on here. You have to get the paint and the pressure just right. There were times when I felt like a one legged cat trying to bury a turd. Clean your gun/s really well, check Em for bent needles and then play with the paint and pressure until u have the " AHA" moment.

Lines n Dotz, Lines n Dotz!!!
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Okay , This is a case of needing more information .
When you painted these what airbrush were you using? What air pressure were you spraying at? what is the name of the acrylic paints you are using. and last but not least what reduction were you using . ? drops of paint to ? drops of reducer.
This will get you a lot better answer to your question .
Thanks. Mr. Micron ok I will start: I'm using iwata eclipse bottom feeder. The pressure I'm using is most of the time around 2-3 bar or 30 plus psi. The acrylic paints r as brandless as they can be. I have American and Apple barrel. I used the reducer u recommended. I think it's u that wrote "leave the window cleaner for the windows" so it's just water and and alcohol. There is not really a ratio between paint and reducer. The paint was thick so I reduce it till it look right . The thing is that this brand is not good. When I used tubed acrylic which was more like a paste and less thick, those splatters were reduced.
Is it common to measure the ratio between the paint and the reducer? With drop? Even if u need it for large application like wall painting?

Using tube or tub acrylic is a pain and being no-name brand makes it worse. With those you can not use the usual ratios you read about. You need to thin those a lot and even if it is runny, you might not get a good spray because the pigments are not made to be sprayed.
Mmm I didn't think about that. Tnx. Is there a formula? A ratio? Is it constant ? Cause different color brands ( createx etc...) make paints differently . No?
I dont know about the AB your using but I have and still use Apple barrel paints as they are water based at left over from when I bristle brushed ceramics. Thining them is on the extreme side. To the tune of 1 drop of paint to like a tablespoon of water. The pigments are thick and need to be watered down just shy of milk consistency to get it to come out ..... I too run about 30-ish psi.... because I also am trying to use the Badger brand paint that I bought un thinned. Keeps me from having to monkey with the pressure between the two.
In comparison I am using a Badger Velocity.