Spray on Wax and Grease remover.


My friends call me Ward
It's one of those things I do without realizing it.
I fill a 500ml spray bottle with wax and grease remover, it's a lot easier to use and less wastage.
Simply squirt it on the project and wipe it off with a clean rag.
Your wax and grease remover will cover better, last longer and you'll save on rags too!.
Not much of a tip, certainly no trick but cost effective.
Spray Bottle.JPG
How does it go over time with the wax remover outta interest cause I do waste a lot on rags LOL, interested to see if the bottle handles the chemicals..
The bottles hold up well, you just have to make sure the seals are good as its the biggest issue.
Most budget spray bottles won't last so make sure you use one that is for chemicals not water.
I found W and G remover on a rag evaporated too fast, and in a spray bottle 4 - 5 squirts will cover a car door.
Just do not use a water based one. I do the same with Mineral Spirits for my water based paints.
I put all of mine in sprayers. Have for years. Nothing new it's been around in shops for years and seals best. Of course $40 vs a cheap $2 industrial spray bottle. I would question if whatever is in the plastic during processing, if it couldn't possibly contaminate your product. Def wouldn't use an already used bottle. Also in some states like cali with all the voc regulations, it is a requirement to use a sprayer because the excess wasted product on the rags is considered "harmful" of course everything including water is known in the state of CA to cause cancer...

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