Sprayed basecoat and wasn't able to clear am I screwed?



So last night I sprayed out a couple panels with HOK metallics. I was letting them flash off good before I was going to lay down some intercoat clear for artwork and fell smooth asleep. I know the tech sheet states to clear within a particular window. Will I be okay if today I spray the intercoat clear? adhesion issues etc? Basically the base will have been drying for 12-18 hours without an intercoat
You should be alright , What is the temps in the area you are painting in?
I would still use wax and grease remover and tack rag it off.
Thanks Micron. Temp in my area is mid 70's right now. might have got down in the 60's overnight.

Side note is it necessary to use HOK wax and grease remover? I've got local paint supply stores I could get PPG W&G remover from and not have to pay all that shipping.
Nah any good wax and grease remover will work . I use ppg most of the time.
Would you recommend using the dx330 over the other ones? Should I buy one cleaner for prep prime cleaning and another for after sanding like the KC10 and KC20?
I usually get the SXA330 But I use it for all steps . Why spend extra money if you do not have to is my thought on it.