Spraying with food colouring?



Just after some opinions on this. Pros/Cons etc...?

I used a little the other day, just because I wanted to add a bit of red to something I was working on. I dirtied it up with some black for what I needed.
But I played around spraying it just mixed with water as well. I got an almost luminous red/pink out of it. Took a few layers and a bit of drying time as it was basically just water. But the colour really popped.
Obviously I'll never get deep colour or coverage, but I can see myself using it again for a few projects.

Thoughts? Anyone used it?

I like playing around with food coloring because it sprays just like ink and when the paint is giving me fits on a project, I'll grab a little green food coloring and a paper towel and remind myself that I, in fact, can do detail work. lol. I don't think I would ever use it on a project though. Maybe just goofing around, but for something I intend to keep and display, I don't think it would work very well. Just a couple of potential problems I could see... first, its a dye, so spraying on anything other than an absorbent paper or cloth would be like spraying colored water and keeping my fingers crossed it didn't bead up. If I did manage to pray it light enough so it didn't bead up, if its on any kind of hard surface, the color would just be sitting on top... there is no kind of binding agent in food coloring, so if the surface won't take a dye, there is nothing to bind the color to the project. Then, even if I got it sprayed right, managed to keep it looking the way I wanted until I could clear coat it, the worst thing would be that food coloring has zero UV tolerance. I've thought about using food coloring to tint some trans base and using it like a candy, but the color would fade extremely fast, even if it wasn't in direct sunlight. Those are just my thoughts, and I might be completely wrong, so I'm curious to see what others think too.
Pro's are you can eat the artwork after LOL, Cons are it may spray to nicely at times and give some un-realistic expectations when they get into serious work..Great for practicing though :)