Starburst effect.


Detail Decepticon!
Hi, All.
Recently, on many of the amazing works being posted, I have seen starbursts added as highlights.
I would like to know how others here achieve this effect, so I can use it also.
Thanks for any advice.
4 Dagger strokes with a dot in the middle, but have made a quick paper stencil for something sharper looking before.
This is what I do.

I use a template that has a + cut out of a piece of plastic. You can do it out of paper as well but the corners start curling when you add more and more paint.

I then only spray in the centre and if I want it bigger I just hold the gun further away. Build it up until you get the brightness you want. You must just make sure you stay away from the end of the opening because you will get a hard edge and that will not look good.

After you remove the mask/shield, you just give a little dot in the center.

Thanks so much, guys!
This is exactly what I was on about.
Not only an explanation, but a demonstration as well.
Another way of doing stars is to make a cut in 2" masking tape the length that you want the points to be and just stick down one end, pull the middle open a little and then stick the other end down.
You end up with an open slit. just stray the center and the overspray will make a fade to the ends. then turn the tape at 90 degrees and repeat ;)
There are a couple of methods, all already described. I generaly use the cut out two lines in a stencil method (I make the stencil depending on the size I want). I start paint in the center and move away from the stencil so I get a nice fade towards the edges. Next I do the same again without the mask.

Another trick I haven't seen metioned yet is to put a coin on the center and lightly spray around that to get a nice lense flare effect.
I am still trying to wrap my head around the coin affect, but sounds like it would work as a halo. Will have to give it a try. Still haven't been brave enough to try white on black yet!
@Greg Geilman this is not a dig Greg but when people are just starting it's not a case of being brave, the more you experiment the more knowledge you will gain.
Don't worry about colour shift and stuff you hear being bandied about, just blast some white paint on a bit of black card and see what happens ;)
Eventually you will find that some things work better than others for you.
The most important thing is enjoy what you are doing :)
'Brave' 'experimenting'. It's all just words and at the end of the day it's all part of learning.
I keep white printer paper handy and often spray excess paint across a section of it. Next time I'll layer a colour over it to see the result.
It's only paint and paper, you won't blow up the world if it goes wrong :)
The learning/discovering/experimenting is all part of the fun !!
Will have to buy some cheap black paper. I have a little black foam and hate to use it just experimenting. I have been trying different colors though!
Spray some black in different intensities on white paper too, then spray white over it and you'll see what they mean when they talk about 'blue shift' LOL
I've got loads of experimental sheets in varying stages. When I start a project I always have a sheet handy for playing around with colors.
I quickly made this demo last night with the paint I had in the gun. If you are going to use cheap black paper, the white will not be very bright. Most of the paint with be absorbed by the paper and make it dull.

Here is the piece if plastic that has the + cut in.

If you build up just the centre, you will get this.

And then you just build up the centre without the shield.
Thanks so much, AndreZA.
Just what i was talking about!
It even has the slow fades that are so typical of this effect.
I also like Hassje's suggestion with the coin, although I use metal divots from a turret punch press.
What sort of blade did you cut this out with?
Too fine for ann Exacto, I suspect.
Also, what thickness of plastic, please?
I would have thought it needed to be fairly flexible, but not enough to flutter under ab pressure, right?
Pleasure. That was cut with a heavy duty snap-off blade knife. You can use any plastic as you will not use that much air.

This is an Airsick stencil and this is what it looks like.
20150416_212503.jpg 20150416_212715.jpg