Starting out! Looking for some guidance:)



Hi airbrush people!

I have been airbrushing for about a week so still just getting use to my AB. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction for instructional DVDs or things of that nature. How did you learn to airbrush? What kinds of things did you airbrush, other than just doing dots and lines and such, to practice all those technigues while keeping things interesting? I have been looking for DVDs that are really worth the time. A lot of the DVDs I have found just show how to use stencils or teach something way out of my skill range at this point. The only DVD set I have seen that looks decent would be the Daniel Powers Series level one and up. If you have used them, did you like them and did they help? Any other tips for imporvment you may have would be great!! Thank you for your help!
Hey mate. .... just watch airbrush tutors videos on YouTube for starters. .... he takes you through everything from how to hold the brush to completing full incredible world's of art..... you don't need a lot else. ...I cam tell you though that soon he will be offering an online premium course which so far looks incredible
Our Mitchies the bestest. Also just a general search on YouTube will yield a ton of vids. From Ed Hubbs, Eddie Davis, Airbrustutor, and if you look hard, even some full length vids.
Hello mate, just to echo what adfez has already said, the tutor has loads of 'free' instructed video's for you to follow!
Try painting the eye, a leopard or Cameron Diaz, there is plenty to get your teeth into before spending any cash mate, there is plenty of great DVD's out there plus loads of YouTube stuff.
Just stick to the basics and nail the control of the brush first, it is a steep learning curve and most of the mistakes you will make are the only way to learn, we have all been there and are all here to help :)
One way to get a quick leap ahead is to take a course, they are not cheap but so so helpful and can take a couple of years out of the process! Practice practice my friend and you will get there, keep trying new things and experimenting with new effects. Dots,lines,daggers,blends and transitions, nail these effects and you can paint anything mate.
Welcome to the forum, enjoy and ask away and of course 'spread the love' :)