Stencil for mustang pony help



Hi, a friend asked me to airbrush an American flag on a mustang pony emblem. I am having trouble making a stencil to keep things even. My biggest problem is that the pony is not flat. I was trying to use tape but the flag is wavy. So it is hard to duplicate the waves with tape . I hope this makes sense.


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Fine line Tape or as some call it pinstripping tape. It allows you to twist and turn it while lying flat even on a surface like this.
Main question is was it chromed? If so did you remove the chrome coating before painting or just give it a good scuffing?
For the waves and creases you can use a free hand shield to help put the shadows of the folds in
But using a stencil on a none flat object that small is a royal pain.
I did scuff up the chrome. I will have to try that tape. Good tip for the shadows. Thanks for the reply.