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Hi people I've been searching the new and scratching my head so I thought I'd bite the bullet and join a new forum.

I' a bit of an issue which I am sure you will have heard this or come across this before.

I paint an undercoat then the mian coat and then wanted to stencil. I cut my stencil out and stuck it on using Artool Ultra Mask it stuck well and I have used it before with great success on spray paints in cans. Anyways I sprayed over the stencil to what I wanted and then let it dry off a little and when I pulled the stencil off it took off the whole paint from the top, it was like the paint had made a sticker rather than filling in just the gap... I use Vallejo premium acrylic paints.
What are your steps that you are taking before laying done any paint? What type of surface are you painting?
It's on plastic, the plastic is roughed up with sand paper. Then I put down the primer, then the body colour of paint. Make sure it's all clean and dry and then I put the stencil on
Did you use a specific plastic primer? Also, how did you apply the paint? You need to do light layers and build up gradually, making sure each layer is dry as you go along. You need to remove the stencil fairly quickly so that the paint edges don't dry and stick to it. Sounds like you may be laying paint on too heavy.
and as I understand it is lifting off the paint you stenciled in? Or is it lifting the paint you used as the base...? Like @Squishy says, with a stencil, spray and lift...
Did it pull the paint off, all the way to the plastic, or just the paint of the stenciled area. I agree with squishy, sounds like the paint may be a little heavy, try pulling the stencil faster. Also, sand the area with 800 grit sandpaper, or a scuff pad. Always take precaution when removing tape, stencils, or the such. Always pull them slowly, and when possible, at an angle to the paint edge. Sometimes, I will put my finger right on the paint edge, with some pretty good force, and pull slowly at the stencil.

Do you have an image, you could show us, we may be able to offer some more help.
I recently did a hockey helmet and the plastic just would not take the paint, I tried 5 different ways and each time the paint lifted... Had a discussion with a friend who has tried the hockey helmets before with no luck... sometimes plastic just doesn't work.

I waved the "white flag" on this one, It's not used as a hockey helmet but for a young man who suffers from seizures and if a seizure hits when he is standing/walking he simply falls over the helmet/paint would take a lot of hard hits...


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Hi guys, I used Plasti kote for the base layer once and another time I used vellojo primer.
I waited a good twenty minutes before another layer was added of standard paint and allowed a full day before the stencil.
What happened looked just like Maple Arts, took it off like a pealy sticker. I've used the Artoools masking before on the plastic I wanted a stencil and it worked a charm using Plasti kote spray paints (see attached). I'd didn't want to continue to use plasti kote.
It's almost like it makes a film.


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I had some simulair issues on a construction helmet.
Tried a few plastic primers none of them did a good job.
The i trie ap01 from house of kolor and it worked perfectly.
Just a thin coat and right on top of it after a few (2 or 3) applied the basecoat.
In my case also house of kolor.
I have painted many construction helmets with no issues at all. I sand ALL the gloss off first. Then clean with wax and grease remover. Then spray with automotive primer. I then give a couple of light coats of automotive clear. This prevents any glue being left behind when removing masking film. I then spray my artwork with Trident Paints . Have never had any problem with paint lifting. This might sound like overkill, but it`s worth it. Hope this info helps matey. Cheers.
hi guys, i'm spending the morning stripping the paints off the plastic in order to start again.
I'll pop out and get some more primer for them in a can and start from there and give that a clear matt sealer and then use the valejo on top.
Im going to thin the paints more than i was doing so before and see how i get on. Im going to try and drybrush the stencil on. I'm in for about 10 paints in vallejo range so would ideally want to get that to work now!
I've used SEM several times in the past. Is it a controller that you are painting on? Let me see if I can find out what kind of plastic they are made of. You may need a TPO plastic adhesive. Let me check around though.
Would 123 zinsser primer work.
Maybe giving the primer a little more time to dry?
That's going to be way to thick, and the wrong kind of primer. Buy a can of dupli color self etching primer. Shouldn't be more than ten bucks. Be sure you scuff the plastic good before you spray it, and it should work really well for what you are doing.