Stencils In a Flat




My aim is to create stencil paintings on canvas.
To give you an idea here are some examples:


Unfortunately leaving in a big city I only have a small flat at my disposal so I can not use Spray Bottle Paint.

I am looking for different techniques - that is why I am considering Air Brushing.
I would paint small stencil figures and an Air Brush looks like is going to be more delicate than a Spray Bottle - I think it would make it easier to avoid bleeding.

I am thinking to buy a Neo Air Miniature Compressor for iwata.

Would you say Air Brushing would be good for the job?
Is the Neo Air good enough to make stencils as Spray Bottle substitute?
Would you say the noise is acceptable for a flat?

Thanks for any advise,
I never used an Air Brush before.

Hello Serge I like the art your doing and yes an airbrush will do what you need to do with stencils and a small airbrush compresser will work in your flat and not be to noisy,as for the Neo its a good airbrush but if your going to do alot of painting you might want an hp-cs as it a better work horse of a brush,By way please go to the introduction page and tell us a little about you so we can help you better
with any questions you might have as you learn
Hi Serge, what Basepaint said. Stencils rock. Perhaps a light tack adhesive vinyl as opposed to frisk film... cheaper option. Hey to help us help you (and to be polite) can you please go along to the introductions page and let us know who you are, where you live... that sort of stuff. Then we know if you are in central Europe and can get all sorts of useful stuff or if you are in Antarctica for the summer with some hope of an air supplied order... :) Useful to read the nettiquette post as well!! Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers Mark
rude that I am :)
I introduced myself now.

Thanks guys for the feedback.

Well I think for now is all I was looking for. Neo Air + hp-cs

I only have to decide if to make the step or not.

Is this ok for the stencils?
Jump, jump, jump... Hmm, I might not be helping. Yes that should work well for stencils!