Hi, i have purchased a Paasche vl double action airbrush. It is brand new but has sat in some ones cupboard for some time. It sprays ok, but with handle unscrewed and locking nut loose, needle seems very tight and dry moving back and forth. Have tried loosening packing nut, and, lubricating needle , but still does it. Any ideas please.
have you taken out the packing nut Brushah? may have corrosion?? or something there? it's definitely a needle + packing nut issue, i would take the little guy out of the brush and have a close inspection.
That old VL has a rubber needle bearing. Being rubber drys out over time it could need replacing or a good lube.
My first airbrush was an old VL that my parents use to use for ceramics and while it was spotless all the rubber seals had dried out and I could hardly get the needle out of it.
as luck would have it there is a local art shop that carried all the parts in stock to rebuild the entire brush. I think if I remember right all the seals cost me about 50 cents but I did go ahead and buy new needle/nozzle sets and a bigger cup. still parts are very affordable for them.
Thanks for replies. Never removed a packing washer before but will give it a go. Luckily there`s an airbrush shop not far from me and they have Paasche parts. Only paid $25.00 for the airbrush . Got lucky. As i said, it sprays perfect. Just wanted to get rid of that dry feeling when cleaning it.
I used a leather sewing needle to get the old one out and the new one in . It was just a hair bigger then the largest needle I have for the airbrush.
It is a tiny tiny bugger so lay out a piece of paper towel to work on I lost mine about 5 times while doing it.