Sticking your practice sheets to your easel



Hi All,
just like to share a little tip I use when practicing with the Airbrush Tutor's practice sheets.

Instead of tearing a bit of masking tape for each sheet if you have any spray adhesive you can just spray a spot for each corner, let it tack off a bit and away you go.
Just put your sheet on your easel, give it a rub and it should stick for your practice session.
Just because I don' like waste, I spray the top 2 spots, turn the can upside down to clean and spray the bottom 2 ;)

Hope that's usefull to you,
at an airbrush shop i used to work at, we had a foamcore board that we would pin the pellon sheets to it. Worked really good. We also used extra thick, large sheets paper towels and pinned them the same way.