Sticky Residue W/ spray adhesive


Double Actioner
What do experienced people use to secure their stencils? I recently tried the low tac spray adhesive and it leaves sticky residue on artwork.. Is there a way to remove it or is low tac tape a better way?
Mount ya work on a piece of metal m8 and use magnets to secure it, especially if its a paper cut stencil..The majority of the time I just use four pieces of masking tape, to hold it to the surface and just use my spare hand to push the stencil down onto the surface as I'm spraying a particular area to avoid any underspray but I would avoid spray adhesive like the plague mate. I started out using frisket like many but I hate cutting my workpiece which generally happens and I found it just to often created rough edges when peeled of or removed sections of light sprayed area's so no longer use anything but paper or acetate stencils if I want to do some stencil work..GL
Love the magnet idea! Think I'm going to try that myself. I just make some small cuts along the edge of my stencil, doesn't really matter what shape, but make them about an 3/4 of an inch and 5/8 wide... every few inches, or so....then I just use blue masking tape, the kind specifically made for delicate paint, and put it over those holes and put it in place. I make the cuts so the are only a quarter inch back from the edge. Its not 100% perfect, but with a little care, it works. I haven't had a problem yet with any tape residue doing it this way. I don't mash the tape down on my art either... I just want it to stick just enough to hold it there. I'm guessing if I really rubbed it in, it might do some damage.

If that isn't clear, and you don't get any better ideas, I'll post some pictures the next time I use this technique.... but I really like the magnet idea a lot
Anyone ever tried magnetic paint? Thinking of putting a coat on my paint board to make it magnetic.
Well, bought some magnetic paint, doesn't work really..Proally have to put on like 10 coats to build enough magnetism.. I'm just gonna wing it with some tape. Either that or ill get a piece of thin steel to go over my paint board.