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im sold idont think its nessecary to use euros the guns doing fine w water base il place an odor with etac tomorow i tried to do a quick video for you guys and squishies but the web cam realyt sucks i could not hear what i was saying i cant afford to keep buying ab junk and cameras i dont know how long this laptop will last so youl have to wait a while to see any videos for now il take pics stil goofing around with the gun for mitch your right i notice diferant reactions with diferant paints my infinity loves badger spectra i think its to thick and needs to be dilutd for the sbalso the com art white i am having trouble with getting fine lines but the reds greens blues no problem its just a mater of figuring out what works best also remember when you over dilute these paints theyespecialy white doesnt cover as wel im sure once my fresh .15 needle gets here il stil be using the infinity as for now i might do a portrait later today as far as im concerned i love the gun and highly recomend it as for the velocity ????il send it back to badger and have it cheeked out wiyh the 150 maybe il sel them after to get more stuf
sometimes it sucs being a ferret i justtried to place ordr w etac and it got up to around 150 i was in a typical ferret rush thain i saaw coupon code and decided to wait til i can contact them in person to see if i can save a couple of bucks its not like itl ship today it can wait til tomorow
i am trying to start a large portrait of my friend kristin but i want to wait til etac gets here if i order it tomorrow and they ship ground ups tomorrow i should have it by Wednesday (techernicialy) I like the micron awesome gun but not happy with the com art black to thin and not using createx i would like to see the etac black for the hair this reference has lots f fine hair in the mean time il just practice i gues il do another eye duh lol ps im not ordering a micron and thain using a colored pencil for hair
I'm not having any hassles with Com-art black in the Micron. I do not get it deep black but that is okay, you hardly ever need it that dark anyway. I'm not using opaque black in paintings anymore. The black will always have some kind of tint to it. So I use Payne's Grey and tint it with blue, red or green. Sometimes all three just to get it even deeper. Dru Blair even uses frisket for some parts of his hair and eye lashes.

This is Payne's grey through my .35 Eclipse.

Eclipse sample.jpg
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nice i am getting lines so fine i can barely see them lol it realy is a sweet gun havent had one clog splat or any sudden discharges of paint at all il try to at least get a pic but i dont think i can focus with my cheap web cam il try to do a painting even if its just an eye ps just for fun i tried my infinity needle in the micron wow its so much tiny er thain the microns other thain doing realistic hair around hair lines or actual realistic brows or lashes theres no real need to get so fine but i think its damn cool glad i didnt freak out and send the gun back lol
i piked it up tried it for 5 minuets becaus at least with a new needle and nozzle it does lay down some solidfine lines with spectra however the needles are much finer thain the micron and damagemuch easier other thain that ino but when i do a large portrait i wil use it with the .4 and spater cap for some realistic flesh i am thinking of doing smaller portraits maybee il get some pictures today i have the iguana eye but id rather do a prety face lol