Still new from Georgia



It looks like I am almost ready to get started on my new adventure. My airbrush is Paasche Tallon Gravity Feed with a 15 gallon air compressor. My plan is to paint my 09 Harley and use the airbrush to do the art work on the fairing, tank and bags. This is a first for me. I know the hardest part will be learning how to airbrush. Hopefully by next week I will be starting my practice sessions doing a lot of dots and circles. I will accept all prayers! Believe me I will need them.
Welcome Home and you have found the right place to learn , hang and just have a good time.
I started teaching myself how to airbrush to work on a 1954 Pontiac , So you have my prayers...:D
Good luck with the bike and welcome. Where at in Georgia are ya I've only been airbrushing for about 4 months now and love it. It's like a drug you just can't get enough of. I'm in Newnan, GA so maybe when you get it done ill see ya for a ride sometime.
Just saw your in Gainesville that's a little bit of a drive from me can't wait to see your bike done and from one vet to another thank u for ur service
Loual great to have you here. Amazing artists and all willing to help you on your journey. Have fun with it and ask any questions you may have.
hey welcome.... glad to have you around the place... do us all a favour though, stick to paper and canvas for about 6months then have a look at your ride (once you are literally doing dots daggers and blends in your sleep)
Welcome to the wonderful world of dots and lines!! :congratulatory: