Steve McCracken

I want to use a "Straight outta Gotham" stencil. To make sure friends here dont kick me out, I would love to have a "splatter" look with colors behind the black paint.
How would that work?
Thank you for not laughing...
I have stippled paint by holding a popscicle stick on an angle on the front of the airbrush and let paint build on it til it starts to fly off in drops. I also have a stipple regulator for my renegades that I'm still fiddling with, but that's how I've done it in past for lures and such.
Hey Steve!
If you take off the protective cap, then grab the air hose with one hand and kink it, like stopping the water flow in a garden hose. Then pulse the trigger on your airbrush, play around with letting a little and a lot of air flow through - that's what stippling is.
If you want a paint splatter effect then either add the colors you want underneath, then create a paint drop stencil and spray black over it, or spray down quite a few layers of different colors, then apply your black paint and quickly squirt a little reducer/ windex over the paint and soak up the excess with a clean cloth or rag. Just don't drag it across the artwork!

Best of luck!
Check out the airbrushtutor tutorial for rocks. If you have an eclipse, there is an even easier method I can explain.
Depending on how much you need. The popsicle stick and pinch hose tricks are most common. Otherwise I just flood the needle with paint by pulling back the trigger and then just give a burst of air and it spatters.
Trick mentioned by Mitch works with top cup (gravity) airbrushes only. Don't try it with siphon feeds:) It wouldn't work;)
But sticks work for all types of ABs.
I like that trick with gravities, as one don't need anything else except the AB.
You can do the trick also with small air gun either at low pressures.
Dipping an old toothbrush in paint is another option.
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I personally use Airbrush Tutors suggested method.