Storing my AB overnight in alcohol



I used to airbrush tattoos about 6 years ago. We stored the AB's overnight in a little rubbing alcohol for the tips... So, I stored my Iwata last night in alcohol and I was just wondering if this is a common practice? I'm not really confident in taking my AB all apart yet. Thanks for any and all help on this.
Might not be common, as long as it's just the tip, shouldn't be an issue though. When using water based airbrush paints it should not be needed if you flush it out with water and some airbrush cleaner at the end of the day.

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I used to break my brushes down after every use. Now If I am in the middle of a project and know the brush will not sit for more than a day or 2 I just clean the bowl spray some cleaner thru and then add a couple drops of denatured alcohol or createx restorer You will have to start pulling your needle and nozzle soon no matter what though.. start looking around the forum for the warning signs of a dirty airbrush It is a POPULAR subject on the forums LOL
have fun KO
PS make sure to shoot some cleaner thru when you start up again
PSS acrylics only
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you are right I just like to make sure nothing is drying in my nozzle
I asked my mom for one of those ultra sonic jewelry cleaners for Christmas so I can do a deep clean after using my wickeds. I never have a problem when painting with uros, but AA, wicked or whatever no matter how well I clean out my brush there always seems to be some pesky residue left hiding somewhere. I have airbrush cleaner and restorer for wb and lacquer thinner for uros. When I do thoroughly clean my brushes I soak all the parts, not the body. I don't feel like ruining any seals, hard enough to replace them.