Stuttering pattern


The Createx Bandit
Gave my micron a thorough cleaning and now i have this pattern? - is this just purely a dirty noozle?? Im soaking the front end in Restorer to hopefully sort it out, just wanted some input into this please :)

You still have some debris in your nozzle, always when you think it's clean, it's not, the pattern your getting here which I shall call the "sausage string pattern", lol, this is an indication that one tiny piece of debris is moving around between the nozzle and needle, if I get this I take out the needle and clean it and with the needle still out I spray a little thinners through it until it spray clean, then return the needle and soray my normal cleaner through, after that good to go.

You said you gave it a "thorough cleaning" obviously you didn't;), sorry, but I am a prick and I couldn't resist that, LOL
Also check your aircap for leaks and also the needle packing nut. This may need a tweek as its not quite tight around the needle.

I had these 'sausages' (skipping is the right word for this airbrushing problem, I believe) once and I also had airbubbles in the cup while spraying. It was not because of a dirty nozzle. It was the channel between cup and nozzle that was severely clogged. You may check that out too.
1 hour in a tub of wicked restorer and there was a little bit of black paint floating back to Micron quality once again!! Thanks folks
Ah ha. This is why I bought 2 microns :)
It did take me a couple of minutes to come to the realisation though!!!!

Yep, you can never have enough Microns and two (airbrush) heads are better than one:thumbsup:
Humour is always appreciated, and a good laugh is salve for the soul.
As for the stuttering pattern, mine only began after I started taking the current batch of meds.
Guess its jussssst a sssside effffect, mmmmmaybe! Lol.
Ive never seen an airbrush stutter like that... Good god man send me one of those microns. Ill send it back real clean,,,, i promise!
They make these little flossing things for people who don't want to stuff all their fingers in their mouths. I found this pack of flossers that had a little brush on the handle end. It's on a thinner, flexible neck and wouldn't you know it, when you pull the needle out of the barrel, these little brushes fit right down in the region below the needle that had some white paint dried up in there. On these Masters, you can't take the brush far enough apart to reach that area easily. So you should floss after every session. ;)