Stylistic Flames



Check this out new vid more to come hope you enjoy.


Cool video!! Looks clean. I also watched your others. Impressive!

I also make youtube videos, if you get time, maybe you could check out mine and let me know what you think. I just subscribed to you channel, i had to go by Mr.Seamoney on there, lol!
I dont really do a how to video, i just film what i am painting, lol!! Dont think im to the point that i can really tell someone how to do it yet!!
to be honest I just went out in my shop and started shooting the vid I didn't script cut or edit I made the brushing speed up but that is all strait from the heart. So just explain your technique and why you do things and you will be fine. I would gladly check out your videos.

real good video. just getting the hang of flames. it dose your head in for a while. but i,m learning the auto side of ab for it,s one of the things you have to have dialed in.