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Hi all from the great Kansas City area!!

I have been painting 15-28mm toy soldiers (Games Workshop, Reaper, Demonworld etc..) since the late 1980s. With that in mind I am what some people would consider an above average painter. And this brings me to this post in a new airbrush forum.

I am looking at getting a "standard" air compressor to air up tires and drive nail guns and such. Out side of this what other things should I consider for the compressor?

When looking at an airbrush I am fundamentally looking at shading from base coat to the first true shading. I see a lot of airbrushes as listed having "hairline" as a description for the width of a line. Please excuse my ignorance, but is this true, the width of a hair? What are some of the more fundamental things for a "decent" airbrush as far as reliability and quality. I know that there are name brands out there, but I don't really care about name brands I am more concerned with the end results....pretty toy models.

The hair line thing is pretty true - looks like the thickness of hair but in reality is 0.04mm wide. That's pretty thin.
Make sure you get a compressor with a tank - without a tank you get uneven airflow so keep this in mind and spend the extra few bucks if you have to..
Look at the badger range of airbrushes if you'r concerned about price - i'd always recommend you get a name brand, but with Badger you get the name brand at an affordable price:) hope this has helped.
Ditto what Mitch said but I will add this, for what your doing with the badger line of brushes you should go with a sprit, velocity or the Khrome. They all have the smaller needle and nozzle size and will help you paint a smaller area without over doing it. But this will only come with some practice. The airbrush is a different world than a regular brush and will take some time to get use to , but you seem like someone who is up to a challenge, since you like painting things that small, lol!! Good luck!!

Hi and welcome aboard :) . I will also add to the compressor question that it needs to have a water trap and a regulator for the pressure.
Welcome and hope you enjoy your stay. You will find Great advice and of course Wonderful People!
Howdy and welcome to the forum.
Question on type of compressor , Where is it going to be sitting? In you house , Garage, basement. Reason for the question is because of the noise a compressor can make.
Menards or Lowes have some really nice compressor design for nail guns that are affordable and not to bad on the noise. They have a built in water trap and regulated air control so you can set your PSI to fit what you need.
I have ran some of the miniature model paint through a .35 and a .30 Airbrush but I have had to reduce them a lot to get good flow. I will have to look when I get home form work to tell you what brand they are.
I use to brush paint D&D character about 30 years ago. Even crave some of the molds for a local shop that was in the mall area I worked in at the time.
Would love to see some of your works.
Welcome from your neighbor state nebraska

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Thanks all for the advice. I was planning on the air compressor sitting in the basement unless a tire needed to have some air or something. With that being said I was thinking about going with a pancake type compressor with a tank to help with the air flow issues. I have been seeing a lot of data on the water/moisture traps and figured with acrylics that it would be something of a most needed item.

Is there any specific term that I should be looking for when I am looking at compressors? I am mainliy leaning toward a three nail gun one compressor kit at the home depot. I figure that a compressor that size and with a six gallon tank. I think this would be more than enough air for a single airbrush sessions....but I don't know if this would be the right type or not....

thanks again for the warm welcome....
A good starter compressor if just for small stuff such as airbrushing a 2 gallon is perfect Walmart sells one for around $50 and I stand by cambell hausefeld

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