Ive been drawing for well over 40 years I finally got good enough to make a living and worked in the screen print industry when that started making me ill I moved to doing web graphics and developing websites now Ive got the bug to do airbrushing I do a mean pen and ink tattoo shade and understand light color shadow and midtone well and the few things ive airbrushed with little or no tutoring have turned out well but I want to master this art form and the freehand flames tutorials have inspired me.

IM a drummer and I also play guitar Im married with 3 very smart and very cool kids all who have artistic and or musical talent and our music and art have become what holds our family together.

Over the last ten years most of my art has be CG via Photoshop Corel draw and 3Dstudio max and Im digging getting back into doing art with my hands once again
the dragons were hand drawn then scanned the angel was done in poser and bryce 3D

Woah you have some skills with the computer there my friend!.a warm welcome.from sunny will be so great addition to the family as many of us struggle with the technology side, such as photoshop vector etc etc
Yeah man, can only echo what my good friend has just said, you have great skills and a real talent. You will do just dandy at this airbrush malarkey, plenty of great advice and help here my friend and welcome aboard, we can share with you and vice versa, welcome to the family:)
Welcome to the forum!
Hell we are practically neighbors, I'm in SW Bradenton myself.

Some cool graphics you made on the PC.
With your background, you should do well with an airbrush. It does take quite a bit of practice.
great job!!!welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!
incredible pictures kinetic!
At the end of the day one of the only things that human's have to separate themselves from the universe is our creativity. Also one of the things that links us all together.
Look forward to sharing the journey with you mate