Super63 Revisited


Gravity Guru

I had these two old Aerograph Super63 for decades. Then I notised the add "Highflow Air Cap for Super63", but when I read it it also said ;

"Please be aware this Air Cap & Guard only works with Aerograph Airbrushes fitted with an ABA-42 High Flow Nozzle & ABA-43 High Flow Needle"

But even these High flow bits are not cheap and is not mend to be used with any of the fineline pieces, I ordered first two High flow Air caps and two High flow Nozzles, some 12 months ago. And as I would not get the right needles yet, I used the air caps with the fineline needle and nozzle ; it worked allright just like I thought with white color, as the open nozzle were good not being cloged with dry white. But a week ago I spend the money for two High flow needles.

50£ for two Air caps , 32 £ for two High flow Nozzles, 42£ for two High flow needles. 124 £, Two times 12£ for shipping = 148£. Or 183 Us. $.

Is it worth it, I think so becaurse these High Flow bits made the two Super63 into a compleatly different airbrush; A wide very fine and even spray, Not for line work but for adding the Mist I can not produce with any of my other Airbrushes.
Thats alot of cash to refit a brush that you might find a better one for your misting of paint ,you might even like the other brush better,just me?
I have 3 super 63's, Two of them are the A model with the fine setup and the other is the E with a high flow setup although it was originally fine. I tried the high flow setup to spray Etac' AG-2050 clear coat over a painting and it struggled. I changed to my hp-b+ and that sprayed it much better. Not ever used it for general painting so I must try it. I do like my other Super63's with the fine setup, they spray super fine and atomise the paint beautifully. I got my setup from ebay and I also got 2 needles for the same price that you paid for 1 so check out ebay and also because they brought the Aerograph company and all the spares. They were rumoured to be remaking parts and airbrushes but not sure if they have started yet.

Got the right needles and installed the new nozzles with those. Result are a wider spray pattern and I will leave it like that, --- Just a bit lazy about the painting right now, but I be back with the issue that made me make the changes ; tip dry.
I been fighting Tip-dry esp. with the Super63 and recon it is caused by the narrow air cab, so when I get parts for my other restore I will check out both.
--------- Got a second hand Devilbiss DAGR, that is missing nozzle and needle and just ordered those. I think the Dagr. will be realy good for the Tshirts that I do mainly by Stencils, so there a 0.35 will be better than the fine-line brushes I otherwise use.