Suppliers in Australia?



Looking for good and affordable airbrush suppliers in Australia. I sit here in Perth and am running out of thinner plus I need a new needle (iwata hp-b). Any tips welcome, doesn't need to be local. Cheers, airHat.
Thanks a lot!

I definitely give them a go - the prices are much better than those of the guys in ACT who I used before. They ripped me off last time (sent me second hand paint: opened bottle, paint missing, damages to bottle and label), that's why I'm really happy you gave me the link to the store in Melbourne.

Cheers, Mark
Hi Mark
I used those guys CA recomended - they delivered wicked to my brother's house just before he made the trip out here to SA. dont have any complaints :)
Hi guys,
thanks for your advice. I received my first order from Megastore and I couldn't be happier: lightning fast delivery, great communication and they did even put sweets on top of it.
Very satisfying service and range of products - highly recommendable.