Surface tension on Acrylic plastic



We are painting on acrylic plastic with createx colors and we are having trouble with the paint pulling away from parts of the surface. What would you recommend for a cleaner and or surfactant for latex paint to overcome this?

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i am having same issues with yellow from wicked on large areas and 100%cover.
did not found any solutions yet
Painting plastic is all about prep. I use ppg d330 wax and grease remover. It's an acrylic cleaner. First clean your plastic with the degreaser. Wipe in one direction only. Be sure to wipe it all off with a clean rag in the same direction as well. This will ensure you got all of the panel. After this use a multi prep cleaner to ensure all residue is removed. Most are alcohol based and won't harm the plastic as long as you don't over saturate the surface. Just a mist will do. Now depending on if it's fresh plastic or previously painted, you will either need to start with 220 and work your way down to 600 with degreasing between grits. If it's new raw plastic you can usually get away with just 600. The key is light scratches that dont warp the plastic, but enough to make surface dull for proper adhesion. With plastic I always like to use a couple fine mists of a PLASTIC adhesion promotor such as AP01. AP02 is for polyurethane plastics ONLY. most paint brands have their own ap's but I like hok best aside from dupont 2322s plas-stick. D222 is amazing on any other surface other than plastic. I like to use epoxy primers as they work best for me but can get pricy. Matrix makes a great epoxy primer that is only $50 for a gallon. The only other thing with plastics you have to watch for is when you wipe off degreaser before painting. If you rub too much you create a static charge which will make your paint spray everywhere but where you want it. This also can cause adhesion issues because the paint is sticking to a static charge and not actually making a chemical bond with the surface. To combat this, I mix rubbing alcohol 1:5 with water and wipe the surface down and let dry. This will eliminate most of the charge. Don't touch the plastic more than you have to.

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Getting ready to paint a batting helmet this is going to help a lot . I read all your post, you are always very informative .

thanks Pete