Switching to 30ml bottles


Air-Valve Autobot!
All my original Marissa/EFX paints came in 60ml bottles. It's been over 3½ years and I've still not uses a third of most of the colours. So all the new colours I get I buy in 30ml. The problem is they come with screw caps. And I still have not made up my mind if I change all my dropper caps to screw caps or all the screw caps to dropper caps.

Anyway, if you like the dropper caps and would like to change the ones on the small bottles, by the way this goes for Createx products as well. Unfortunately you will need the top from an empty bottle. Simply go and buy an eye dropper from the pharmacy. Over here they are about 20c (if you convert the money). What is cool is that they are glass and cleans really easy.