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What supplies and materials will i need for airbrushing t-shirts? I have looked online, but everyone is saying different things, as to what they use, then the next one i see completely contradicts the last one. So i figured i would ask here .

Does it matter the kind of material the shirt is? Does the airbrush being used matter? What kind of paint?
Airbrush doesn't really matter 1 bit.... however alot of t shirt artists use a syphon feed brush purely cause they are doing a t shirt every 5 mins... so they use a larger nozzle brush that holds alot of paint.... and high psi (like 50) to really hammer the paint in to the fabric. ... toe of fabric doesn't matter. .. leather cotton silk linen... sticks like sh$! To a blanket. ... some people give it a spray of transparent base before starting the artwork just to stop the nap of the fabric standing up
That's all spot on, and then when you're done, you need to heat set it. You can get a basic shirt press pretty reasonably if you're planning on doing large amounts of shirts, or if you're only do a handful, here and there, then a regular old iron will work ok. Just put something between the iron and the paint. Parchment paper works really well for that.
Most all the airbrush paints will work on fabrics. Spectra tex and wicked seem to be the preferred 2. But basic Createx was originally made for fabrics and paper, it's just very thick. I have used auto air and Etac as well.

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That being said hasn't Badger got one designed for textiles solely. ... is imagine air theirs??? Can't remember
Nope that would be air-tex in fact.... hadn't used it though. ... wicked does everything though as does spectra tex
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