Table Top Easle

Rick Martin

Detail Decepticon!
I got tired of my little table top easle moving on me everytime i touched it so i went to Lowes and purchased a 1/2 piece 24x24 plywood $5.09 and a 8 ft 1x6 pine board, $3.68. I cut the boards 20 1/2 inches. On one end i measured in 2 inches and used a square to go from the corner to to 2 inch mark and drew a line. Thats where i made my cut. Do the same for the other piece. I cut the plywood to 20 1/2 x 22 and screwed it to the beveled sides of the board. Sanded really smooth with a palm sander and removed dust with compressed air. I didnt take any SBS photos but here are a couple of finished photos.
20170916_145903_opt.jpg 20170916_153918_opt.jpg
This sits right on a flat table and mine measures out at 37 degrees. I have some rubber pads i put at the back to bring it to 40 degrees and thats where i like it. I could have increased the angle by not going the 2" at the bottom. I just painted a little on this and this easle doesnt move.
Photos dont really show the actual angle but i like it now i use my little easle to hold my reference photo.