Tacky stencil glue


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im looking for an adhesive for stencils that is tacky but won't try to bond permanently. What I've tried so far is tacky but if it sets a while on the painting tries to set up. Which poster notes sold their "glue" in a bottle. Any suggestions?
3m non permanent spray glue works good if you use it as described. Or was it tesa brand? I have to check at home. :) it's the repositioneable one.
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-3m 75 repositionble spray adhesive
-Scotch spray mount ( which is made by 3m and I think is the same thing as the "75". Same active ingredients and same percentage of voc)
- Krylon Low Tack
Just to name a few... Hopefully this helps out a bit... They all work good, but when using it to create more tack to frisket film ( Artool stretch mask) it will transfer to your substrate ( working surface).
I use this one. Works very well.

Not the best for every application but have you considered strong magnets instead? If you mount your work to a metal panel and use industrial strength magnets you can at times do away with the need of adhesive..I prefer not to use any adhesive on a job as it does often make it extremely hard to clean it off and can damage your work at times, on some applications like helmets and the like its not something that would work but on canvas and board/paper work its one of the easiest ways to ensure your stencils and the like dont lift..or of course their is frisket and that can be bought in various grades of tack, but again can cause issues lifting paint and the like..
As above I use magnets. You can even get ones the will hold a stencil to claybord.
Look for neodymium (rare earth) magnets.
The square ones are better for removing when they've got a good hold
I've a couple of varying strengths (and different shapes accordingly)
I use 75th of 3M. In some cases it's the best for me.

But the question is where are you going to use it and what paint with, as smth working here isn't working there:)
Get some frisket then. You will never have any overspray where you don't need it. Or transfer paper or tape, which would be cheaper than frisket, but would work the same.
Like the magnet idea, only problem is I'd have to paint on the fridge door and wife would kill me if I got overspray!

LOL, just tell her its for her bday or Chrissy..A special painting just for her LOL..Old computer case is what I use, everyones got a 300 year old comp laying around LOL, or hard rubbish, washing machine sides etc etc. Go to any scrap yard, they'll prob give ya sumfin..