Talon airbrush kit from Chicago, your input



I'm looking into getting a decent set up to start with, just like everyone price is everything, however I'm not a fan of cheap Chinese knock off and I know good money you God things most the time.
I 've been searching for a kit and came across Chicago airbrush supply, they have several kits.(I'm wanting to get to the point to paint bikes, helmets etc. But. I'm sure practice and learning will be on other media's and indoors?) the kit I'm looking at was in there automotive kit section and has as follows.
Paasche Talon TG-3F Airbrush Set with:
-6ft Braided Hose,
-Nozzle wrench,
-Needles, Tips, and Head Caps in all three sizes! (.25mm, .38mm and .66mm)
-Plus! The new Fan Aircap (TAF-3.)
-Paasche DA400R Comressor with Moisture Trap, Rgeulator and Guage. -Createx W102-00 Wicked Sampler Paint Set -Createx 5932-00 Wicked6 DVD.
For just under $400.
Would this be a nice start point or would piecing other items be better off? I'm sure along with kit I'll need more supplies. I'd like to stay under the $450 as much as possible, but it's understandable it might be something a piece together.
Thanks in advance.
Google brings up a compressor without a tank and if it is correct, I would stay away. I'm sure you can get a Talon with the 3 needle setup and a California Air compressor for close to that.
The compressor is just a knockoff iwata jet design . There are a ton of them, scorpion and other brands. Not a horrible compressor but very limited and don't last a long time. Quiet is the only plus a aside price. It will constantly cycle on and off because of the no tank design, and will get hot faster and shut down after an hour of use if you are lucky. They also create a whole lot more moisture for the trap e cause of the constant running. I had an iwata jet and it would fill with water every hour. Using a real compressor I never see water. Mine lasted maybe a couple years but when I started trying to use it more than 3 hours a day it stopped working within a week. Coast has a similar deal with a badger krome and AA paints with dvd and either the same compressor or a California air one for like $20 more. Be perfect combo if wasn't aa instead of wicked. One thing you gotta remember, they put these deals together to push stuff that isn't selling and bundle it with stuff people want. If noise isn't an issue then just get a cheap Walmart compressor with a tank. My backup compressor is a dual tank Ingersoll rand that I paid $35 for and I've had it for almost 10 years. Loud but works.
Well..I have to compressors, one came with a kit when I first started 3 years ago. Gets hot yes, put a fan on it, problem solved. Also have a walmart one for outside, LOUD? holy sheet is it friggen loud lol!! I have the badger Krome..LOVE IT! She is my baby. Also have a Paasche Vision. Hated it at first, but it has become my best friend!!
I agree with Justin on the compressor. I have two compressor One 2 phase industrial 200 gallon that runs everything in the garage from air lifts to paint guns and a small 5 gallon on like you find on constructions sites for air nailers . The small one is fairly quiet and portable. Of course the big on I can not hear it running while I am in the garage due to it is housed in it's own sound proof room.
Next question is where on this big on planet do you live?
I suggest to most new folks to shy away from kits. Hobby Lobby does carry the Iwata Eclipse CS which you can ask anyone on here or most airbrushing sites is the main airbrush they use for almost everything.
you also want to print the 40% off anything in the store coupon so you end up paying just 126.00 dollars US for it.
Then you print another coupon and buy the 10 foot hose.http://shop.hobbylobby.com/products/10-braided-air-hose-822965/
which after coupon will cost you about 17 dollars US. So now you are in a work horse of an airbrush for 143 dollars which leaves you money for paints and compressor and maybe a Badger Krome for fine detailing.(note the Krome does come with the adapter for the Iwata Hose)

The fan feature of the Talon is great if you said you were painting miniature figures or model cars and need something small for clearing them. But most find it not very useful .
But it is good your are researching what to buy before you buy it.