Tamiya paint good ?



Allo, My name is Francois and i'm from N-B Canada and i just stated to paint whit an airbrush and i us to do scale models and i was wondering if Tamiya Acrylic Paint is good for airbrush metal and if by clearing over it, will it wreck my work? if anyone can tell me a good tip of paint that i can order online or get at any general store (Canadian Tire, Walmart...) it would be appreciated. Thanks.
Hi welcome to the forum! I use Tamiya paints for most of my Modelling work and it works great and putting a clear coat over it shouldn't wreck it. By metal do you mean using it on metal? If so then yes it does work on metal. If you mean get a metallic finish then yes if you use metallic colours. Hope this helps you!:tan:
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Hey thanks allot Spitfire97 it helps hehe ho and i meant painting on metal hehe i'm a body man so most of my projects are on cars hehe.
If you are doing automotive Auto Air maybe a better paint to use because Tamiya paint is quite expensive for the little glasses it comes in!
Hi Guys - correct me if i am wrong - I always understood the tamiya model paint to be enamel?
AHHh, ok :) thanks , now I know - but I don't think we have answered Francois' question. (which i am not experienced enough to)
Hehe what brand of paint that is most popular in Airbrushing ?
Hi Francois
I can only go from my experience - I have used the Daler Rowney FW artists inks with much more success and less tip dry than the cheaper alternative available in South Africa. At the moment that is all I can afford and I will hopefully be trying the badger - spectra tex soon, but a lot off people say it is very good. It Also depends what you are painting on.
I use wicked detail as its a very versatile paint. I haven't tried spectratex yet but will be soon. I've heard great things about it. So I would recommend either.