tank comressor behaves like a tankless



Hi I've not been able to find this answered and could really us some advice.
I've got a
and the compressor starts refilling the tank within 2 second of pressing the trigger after a further 5 I start getting dotting in my lines from the pump, I'm certain there are no leaks. I know this is a low end bit of kit but wanted to know if this is normal, is there something wrong with the pressure gauge, or the switch, or do I simply have to upgrade to get more than a few seconds in a row? any suggestions would be excellent thanks
I would like to know your setup concerning the nozzle size.
Because you have either some tech. prob. or just plain excessive air consumption.
This little guy is not famous for delivering huge amounts of air. I own a comparable type.
So either your nozzle is too big and consumes too much air. Or the regulator may not work correct since it is a spring controlled device what could explain the uneven flow.
thanks for the response, Ive got a 0.2 mm needle/nozzle (if that's the brass end piece) but the airbrush is a veda, so a knock off, it could well be dubious , regardless of what pressure i set the regulator to it behaves the same if that's a better indicator of which might be wrong.
ok this compressor should handle a 0.2 nozzle. Hm but you say the regulator does not really respond to your settings that could be an indication.
Try setting it to a bare minimum so that just air starts flowing and if the motor behaves the same way i guess then your regulator is broken.
But your pressure switch might be also involved. Hard to say at the moment. But if it is the pressure sensor/switch that would not explain the uneven airflow.
Could be your airbrush. Its generally easy enough to tell, if its just stop-start spraying I'd say its the airbrush at a guess, if the line is continuous and goes thick and thin, likely pulsation and you'll likey feel it through the line.. The compressor will kick in pretty quick as its not storing that much, the tank is just a buffer..GL
cool on 2 psi I get about ten seconds before the pump kicks in but obviously a grainy spatter with another airbrush I get 20 but its a vintage airograph my dad gave me, so I think it seems a little from column a and a little from column b, tanks a bit small 3L ( its my first compressor so I've no idea how much continuous spraying I should expect ) and the airbrush is chewing through too much air at the same time, I'll need to do quite a bit of experimental needle/nozzle swapping before I'm sure of how much is the brush though. the line is dotty in a regular pattern so it does feel mechanical like the pumps doing it but I did expect a much longer buffer even from so small a tank.
Mine runs pretty much as soon as I hit the trigger, may get a second if lucky but the tank again is just supposed to buffer it..I'm guessing it may be a single piston compressor? (Not sure on that model) and with single pistons pulsation will be more prevalent, mines a twin, but yer it could be a little bit of this and a little of that causing an overall issue..Consider also extending your airline, you can use the airline itself to also act as storage or a buffer to that pulsation, you could also add in another reservoir to stop it completely..But turn ya reg up, 2 psi is probably half your problem..You mention air running out/continuos spraying, the idea of those silent type compressor is that they will run constantly to produce that air and ya should be on around 25-30 PSi for most basic airbrushing needs..Good luck but without really seeing what its doing, it is hard to judge..
Thank for all the help there's a lot of great info I wouldn't have got without you and plenty for me to start testing to narrow down the problem even more, (I'll definitely give the airline and secondary tank a go).
I have a Veda too... take the needle out and give it a very gentle wipe with a scouring sponge.. the finish on the needle is a little rough.. I found this helped smooth it a little.
hmm yes i did some simple math and if your values are correct and your setup has the same pressure switch as seen on most of these compressor types then your Veda seems to consume up to 90l/min or 3,18cfm, that sounds pretty much imho.