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Steve McCracken

I am proudly taking my Eclipse to school tomorrow, but there is a cold wave in Central California.

What is the minimum temp.

Thank you in advance...
Oooo ! show and tell at school :laugh:

if you have icicles hanging from your nose, I'd suggest cranking up some artificial heat....
there is no minimum that anyone will quote you, but you may need to use various additives to help the paint flow better. the same applies to heatwaves.
Actually depends on the paint, waterbased, I spray it at less than 10c (50 f in pretend money...) it just takes a bit longer to dry. There can be issues but not normally with the AB!
It's one of those things that can be split many ways but generally inside temps are quite acceptable.
I'm from Wisconsin. It's too cold when the paint freezes between the nozzle and illustration board. Lol

Honestly, if you're using water based paint, anything above 55-60 is fine. It will dry slower, and the paint will be a bit thicker, but you shouldn't have any issues.
Anything below 50 you're asking for problems.
By a thermometer or are you relying on google or a phone app?
If you're in a shed (considering you can't paint inside) then chances are the temp is a little higher than outside.
Is your painting on paper then drying time won't be a big factor. But hard surfaces are a pig !!
I am frustrated...I have only shot with food coloring. The temps are in the forties here. %$&*@