Thanks for all the help!


Young Tutorling
A few weeks ago I finally had some money again to buy thinner and some colors like gold and silver. There are no shops around that I can really travel to and buy so it's still with the expensive shipping costs from another town.

I wanted to thank the forum and especially everyone who helped me through the first few steps of what to do with an airbrush. Sometimes I still have trouble getting the paint through, but I think it's either bad paint or hard to mix with thinner or not thin enough.

Here are some of the projects I've tried. I do different stuff with my airbrush like I have told so no paintings :) Just wanted at least one time to show my thanks to this forum. I had a hard time just going here because I'm so busy crafting and postponing it but here is some stuff - Enjoy!





Awesome stuff!
Love fantasy work of any kind!
'Specially like the first 'out-of-focus' one.
Shows excellent control over your images.
Just wonderful!
Thanks for sharing, Tiriaq.:thumbsup::thumbsup::)
Very nice texture on the armor and nice camo job on the rifle
haha, thanks... it was a horrible job but I managed to save it somehow. The base color african core; I didn't thin it enough or something and even though I tried to put more in my cup it wouldn't come out.
It happens sometimes that I have to move so close with full pressure and only a thin line comes out. So the base color was sloppy and I just put a few painters tape on it but when I got to the green I bought from those army colors it was wayyyy too green, so it looked ruined but with another army color I could sort of blend it. Airbrushing can be very forgiving, I'm so glad for that because if it were to be spray cans it would be definitely the end of it.