Thanks for being here!



After thirty years I'm picking up the airbrushes again. Many years ago I was a wildlife artist and used all kinds of mediums including airbrushes. When I went through a bad divorce, I closed my gallery and sold off everything and never produced a piece of art again till now. A good friend ask me if I would camo his Dads old shotgun. I thought that would be pretty easy so I got three or four cans of spray paint and started in. The next thing I know I'm using some old masking tricks and hiding some ducks and turkeys in the camo with some brush work and masking tape. And that opened a can of worms. My friend loved it so mush he took pictures and started showing them around to his friends and to some of the local gun shops. I really didn't feel like going though the learning curve I went through many years ago living in a rural place with little to no support. Then I found ya'll and decide to give it another chance. Just found my old badger (sold then by sears) And it seems to be in working order.

Thanks for being here!
good for you mate, if you get a chance post some work up ...............
welcome donkey, and what a great story.....we are glad to have you here and look forward to sharing information and chewing the fat, if I can be of any help just let me know or post up a thread so the mob can gerty involved....they are a great bunch....some great characters....enjoy yourself
Welcome Donkeymined, I've been where you've been so I feel your pain, but I hope it's all good for you now.

I think you might just have some tips and tricks for some us and I hope you have a lot of fun with us.
Welcome Home Donkey.. Hey my wife calls me Donkey all the time are we brothers?

I look forward to seeing your work.
Maybe... but my wife uses the short vers with three letters. Or starts it with Jack! So if married aren't we all bros.
welcome donkey!! glad you came here and glad you found you brush again, lol!! sears...... that must have been a while ago! did it have craftsman stamped on it to?? because you could break it and they will give you a new one, lol!
hope the pain has healed, welcome, new myself but this is a bunch of good people.
Cool story. Would love to see the gun, if you've got pictures of it. Welcome from Northern Michigan.
Welcome to the forum! I have also just returned to the hobby after not touching an airbrush for 20 years.
Welcome!!!!!! Great forum isn't it? I also airbrushed for a bit in my teens and not for long. Then all of the sudden, addicted and Mitches forum was the absolute best for new or professional artists. It's a great place to learn and teach. Hope your experience will be as enjoyable as mine has and continues to be.
Hey donkey, welcome aboard from Calgary. Glad you picked up the airbrush again.
Another Hi from the UK ... Its funny how it all comes flooding back!