Thayer & Chandler Model E


Detail Decepticon!

The concept of a single action internal mix airbrush dates back to the early days or airbrushing. I wouldn't be surprised if Olaus Wold had something (or everything) to do with it. I recall seeing long ago an early 20th Century advertising of a Wold airbrush in a similar configuration but I can't find it.
Anyways, Thayer & Chandler offered a single action internal mix airbrush called the Model E. I haven't found information on when it was started but I have seen older samples claiming to be from mid 20th Century. I wouldn't be surprised if it dates back to the 1920s or 30s but I have no data... yet.
That older unit I've seen online is different to the later version of the Model E. At some point, the trigger and valve assembly were slanted at an angle, making it look very unique.
I have no confirmation data but I suspect this later Model E was the "father" or "inspiration" of the Badger 200, which was launched around 1966.

My specimen:
I found this Model E advertised as "never used". We all know how not to trust that description :)




To my surprise, it does look like never used! The warranty card is stamped Nov 10 1978. That was about 10 days after I started building scale models and one of my sisters was 7 months old!

Finish is a bit dull, but any of us would be very dull if spent 45+ years in a foam box

Looks like no paint has ever been here.

A little blister. Maybe some imperfection or impurity during the plating process.

The needle is also dull but in perfect shape.

To be continued in the next post. Need to separate it in multiple posts due to number of pictures...
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Notice how blunt the needle is compared to others.

At this point you may be asking what size nozzle? My not very precise measurements indicate the nozzle exit is about 0.7mm~0.8mm
I mean, this is huge! I can probably spray asphalt or concrete stucco with this!
Compared to the SOTAR nozzle.

Compared to the SOTAR needle

These airbrushes rely a lot on wax sealing. So I did not disassemble the head or the nozzle. Nor the air valve. Only enough for a good clean and polish. Notice the air valve is a different size and it has an adapter to make it the standard T&C / Badger hose connector.

Presenting my new Thayer & Chandler Model EIMGP9045.jpg




Here it is with the smaller of the 3 jars.

It is HUGE and HEAVY!
This is definitely an airbrush for bigger jobs.

To be continued in the next post. Need to separate it in multiple posts due to number of pictures...
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How does it spray? Ran a quick test with thinner and was surprised of the fine atomization for the size of it.
Most likely for the very first time in its life, I ran some paint thru it. Liked it so much I did it 3 times :)


This is definitely an airbrush for bigger jobs.
But I was surprised how fine the atomization is.
Here is sequence from fine to full blast.



At full blast @30 psi the spray reached over 5 feet away!!!! A firehose indeed!

Hope you like and approve.
Your comments are always appreciated.

Nice score Ismael. Especially being unused and with the original box and papers. Nice. And capable of a 5ft blast, wow!

I've checked various T&C adds I've collected but I don't have anything about this one I'm afraid. I'll keep an eye out for you. There is a Model F which is also single action, from the same sort of time period and probably a lot like this but side feed and a smaller nozzle.