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Hi guys

How do you go about creating a predominantly white/light based image onto a dark background. For example if it was a motorcycle tank which is a dark colour, black, gunmetal, very dark red etc but wanted to put an image using mainly whites, e.g wolf, skin tone portraits, vintage pin up girls etc etc.

I have only used white paper so i tend to build up using transparent colours and layers and add opaque white or black in if i need to reduce transparency (no real idea what i was doing just seemed to work well for me).

I guess this wouldn't work for that application so I'm trying to understand the method?

So how do you do it? Can you use opaque colours over the dark base then use transparent on top of this e.g map out the outer shape in a white solid opaque over the dark base then carry on as usual with the transparents?

it really depends on what you want to do , you can do it with a white base and in that case you loose the background color if that is no problem work that way . if you want to keep the background color and do like a monochrome ghost portrait you use a transparent white and slowly build it up like you would with a normal monochrome but in reverse start with the lightest value and work your way towards the darkest value witch is the background color
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I do an underpainting in white, then add colour to get the true values of the colours.

Hi squishy, so do you mask off and use an opaque white for the artwork shape/ outline then just build up on that keeping the surrounding base coat as is?
Yes that's pretty much it, except I only mask for hard edges, otherwise I just go for it. I find I need a few layers of opaque white (for my reduction anyway) to get the best out of the colours I use on top. I use trans for this so the detail work done with the white isn't lost, plus it pops better Imo when cleared.
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Hi, i did a black motorcycle tank a while back check out the link

It may help basically I put a white base down first..

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That's exactly what I'm after thanks, I'm going to sit and have a read through now. Awesome job too!

I saw a quick mention that you will look to try createx illustration for this application, have you had a go with it yet?

Im pretty new to airbrushing but love how etac efx sprays for me with little hassle with my infinity .15 set up, createx illustration seems to give me a few more problems with tip dry and reductions but if its possible to use illustration or efx for automotive stuff later on I'll be pleased.
Thanks, glad it helps.. I stayed with etac private stock because it flows so well and minimal tip dry. I also use etac private stock for t-shirts. Everything else I use etac efx :)

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