The Eye ..... hopefully starting to get the hang of it ....


Stevie G

Following on from the Squiggly line thread in the beginners forum and taking note of the good advice given I had another go at the eye tutorial.
These were the results .....



I'm still trying to finish the picture too fast and going in with dark shades too quickly instead of building up the intensity slowly.
I did feel a little more comfortable doing these, though, and just maybe the penny has stared to drop and I'm headed in the right direction.
I'm going to do some more ....
Those look great!! I do see what your saying about to dark to fast. Get some transparent base and mix some of that in your black mixture and that will force you to not go to dark to fast. You will really have to layer it, like 8 to 10 passes, to get it that dark. But those fade and such are really really nice! Great job!

They are looking good already, just keep practicing and you will do them perfectly soon.
agree with what you have said yourself, if you can analyse your work on this way you are on to a winner, if you ask the right questions you will get the right answers and josh has nailed it for you have the technique down, so add some trans base to your tool box and have 1 more go, then get out there and paint the world!
Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement.
It means a lot.
I've gone back through the AT tutorial videos and realised that he uses transparent black and I've been using opaque.
So, Josh, it looks like you hit the proverbial nail on the head with your comment :D
I now have some Createx transparent base on order.
Now for some more eyes ......
Steve... how long are u been airbrushing for ¿? great job , looks amazing !
Can't say what ABT uses in a lot of his vids.. but personally I would stick with the foundation layers in opaque, it helps obviously with any correction needs....Finish of with a trans black to help blend..It looks like your on a good road and no doubt it will click soon..One thought, might help might not but I do tend to notice a lot of people use lines in their shading..IE the eye bag below the eye if that's what its called LOL, the line work below the eyebrow....From a distance these indeed do look like lines, but up closer they are really made of small lines that kind of crisscross but also form the basic look of a line..Also be wary of irises and the eyeball itself..They need to be concentric and also when view straight on pretty much circular, don't be shy to use a shield to help create such as a wobbly line around say the iris can really throw the look a bit..Either way, awesome effort and yer I have no doubt seeing your eyelashes and eyebrow lines that the technique is there, its just putting it together...Well done...

Keep up the greatwork...