Hello all " Kromers" lol , I have a question in regards to my Krome. Ok so my krome has an issue with the .33mm nozzle/needle set. It works perfectly with the .21mm set but not the .33mm. when I screw the the spray regulator on finger tight(snug) it will not spray paint or air but if I loosen the regulator a turn then it sprays. I even tried the hold down ring and regulator from one of my Velocity's and it does the same thing, I am wondering if it might be pinching the nozzle when snugged up??? any body have any ideas?? like I said it works flawlessly with the ultra fine (.21) set but not with the fine(.33) set and I have verified that I have the correct pieces....such as the .21 has 1 mark and the .33 has 2 marks. ect. Would appreciate any thoughts.
Hi Don, yes I did try all parts from the Velocity needle/nozzle/hold down ring/and regulator cap and all of the ultra fine (.21mm) parts work properly. As I stated earlier, I only have the issue with the fine (.33) parts that is why I am stumped. After my Velocity gets back from repair I plan on buying spare .33mm parts to have on hand as I did for the Velocity and is another reason on going to the Krome because most parts from Velocity will work in it as well. Thanks for your input, as I know you have reviewed pretty much all of Badger's brushes.
try putting it together with the needle in the brush but the chuck nut loose so it stays straightbut the needle can slideback as you tighten it.
I had to put mine together that way to get it to work.Then tighten the chuck nut
I got to looking at mine, and I noticed that the back surface of the spray regulator would cover up the air holes in the body if it extended in too far. I wonder if your fine spray regulator is a little bit too long in the back. If you remove the tip, the spray regulator should screw all the way in flush with the body. With the tip installed, there should be a little gap.