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A big shout-out to this company: The Merri Artist, Inc in Oregon.
I've never heard of them before.
I was looking for some Badger specific items:
QD coupler/adapters, XF needle, Fine nozzle head, tip, regulator, etc. all for 100/150 series.
I started with the usual online retailers especially those suggested in this forum. All of them had at least 1 of the items out of stock. When I inquired, it was hard to determine when the items were going to be re-stocked. Not their fault. I work in Supply chain for a major industry. I know all too well the challenges of this.
Even Amazon was out of stock on most items and ebay was no help.
Then in one of the many online searches I ran into this retailer. Everything appeared to be in stock. I contacted them inquiring and very quickly I received a friendly email from Dan, customer service, confirming and advising one of the items only had 3 left in stock. Placed the order on Wednesday, got a tracking number almost immediately and today (next Monday) I received the package. Regular, not expedited shipping. I'm happy.
The best part? The prices were even better on all but 1 of the items (and only by 10%) compared to the other retailers. Shipping charges more than reasonable.
I am happy I found them. I'm sure this will not be my last order to them.
Check them out at

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Love Merri Artist - I have been ordering from there for several years and every transaction has been the same. Perfect.
Yea they are awesome to say the least. I get all my Iwata stuff from them and sometimes they put a nice little thank you note in the package.