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Needle-chuck Ninja

I recently took a chance with these guys, as they were the only place I could find that were stocking a part I needed (Iwata Eclipse head spanner/wrench). Turned out really well. They shipped very promptly & with all the proper email notifications and such. When the package arrived, the invoice was hand signed with a "thanks" by what appears to be the proprietor themselves ("Merri", i.e. one Merri Sayers according to the "about us" page).

I ordered the Sunday before Christmas, and it arrived on Christmas eve, so very fast at a time when shipping is usually slow. That's mostly the post's doing, I suppose, but kudos to Merri Artist for getting it out the door immediately, as well as maybe choosing the right services.

Anyway: it was a good experience, so thumbs-up here.
I completely agree with your comments. I have been ordering from Merri Artist for over 4 years and have never been disappointed.
Most shipments arrive within 2 days.
Me either order airbrushes and parts from them:) Good service is there. It's always pleasant to be notificated about the orders, so everytime I know what is happening. Though, I didn't buy anything for a couple of years, as Iwatas work without the issues and I'm loaded with parts:)
It was Sally Borg who replied my e-mails. I wonder if she's still there, if someone knows, please let me know as I need some part to order.
Second good transaction: I ordered a CM-SB (finally got one!) from them, and again perfect transaction and super fast shipping.